DryRobe Alternatives for Open Water Swimming

Keeping warm is obviously one of the most critical parts of outdoor swimming and this includes out of the water just as much as in.

Take one look at any group of outdoor swimmers and you will instantly notice they pretty much all wear the same thing on land... a DryRobe or DryRobe style coat.

The DryR...

DryRobe Review
DryRobes are all the rage in outdoor swimming circles these days, but are they worth the high price tag?
Kit Review - Above Below RuckRaft for Swimming and Trekking
The RuckRaft is a purpose made swimtrkking float designed to carry your hiking gear
Scoping Out New Swim Locations
Treat the sea with the respect it deserves. Know your swim location before you get into the water.
Be Mindful of Your Dog When Swimrunning

Top Tip:

Don't go swimrunning with your dog, tether him to your waist belt, forget about the tether, then throw a stick for him when resting...


One obliterated tether clip. Dog didn't even notice!

Now and Then- Swimrun Evolution
Swimrunning has a bewildering amount of kit, but it's about experimenting what's right for you.
Covid-19 and Open Water Swimming
Covid-19 update and open water swimming
Kit Review: Vibram 5 Fingers V-Alpha Shoes
Vibram five finger trail running shoes make great swimrunning shoes
Swim Training During Pandemic Lockdown

With the lockdown continuing many of us are going a bit stir crazy at not being able to get in the pool.

As a swimmer there's only so much running and cycling I can do; sea swimming is great, but often cannot provide the explosive training required for spiked heart rate and increased respiration. And...

Swimrunning with Your Dog

I have been swimrunning all year, in all weathers. When the weather is nice it's usually pretty easy to find a swimrun partner, but once the winter sets in it can be a struggle to find anyone mad enough. That is, until I doscovered my dog, a Springer Spaniel named 'Jake', absolutely LOVES swimrunnin...

The swimrunning season (well, the season most people follow!) is almost upon us... Which means hopefully you will be donning your swimrun gear and hitting the coast path in Pembrokeshire. It won't be long until we have this to look forward to...

Want to Try Swimrunning?

Neptune Steps

Swim Pembrokeshire will be at the Neptune Steps event in Scotland in March!

The event consists of over 400m swimming in a canal in Scotland in March with water temps of average 4-7 degrees, traversing 7 locks made into obstacles of cargo nets, ladders, climbs and ropes.

Swimming and Trekking
Swim trekking or swimrunning over long distances means you need to carry kit. Here's how.
Look But Don't Touch

Reports of Infamous Portugese Man 'o War Spotted on Freshwater East (and other) beaches in Pembrokeshire...

Here's a bit of interesting info from Wikipedia!

"The Portugese Man 'o War is a marine hydrozoan of the family Physaliidae found in the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Despite its ap...

Respect for the Sea - Tides

As soon as summer comes there are invariably tragic stories in the news of of people going missing or drownings in open water such as lakes, quarries or the ocean.

Whilst it is true that each type of open water does come with some inherent risks it is, in my opinion, better to educate rather than ban...

Importance of the Pull Catch Phase

The pull 'catch phase' is very important in generating power and propulsion.

Many swimmers, especially if they are self taught, will adopt a pull that follows the classic S-shape pull where you pull outwards then in then under the body; or will pull with a straight arm which in fact pushes downwards ...

Tenfoot Swimrun Route Report

The Tenfoot swimrun is in its inaugural year this year, 2019. Before the route details, check out the promo video below... if this doesn't make you want to have a go, nothing will!

The organisers of the popular 5K swim event from Tenby to Saundersfoot, as well as the running and hiking events that f...

Gear Review - Head Swimrun Wetsuit

I didn't even know that Head - you know, the guys who make all the tennis gear - made wetsuits to until I started getting more and more interested in swimrunning and followed the European swimrunning groups - Head are prime sponsors in many of the events and make a range of swimrunning gear. I decid...

What Wetsuit Should I Get for Swimrunning

Quite a few people have been asking me recently about swimrun wetsuits and which one would be best.

Swim running is a new sport and the kit is evolving year-by-year but there are definitely some key differences between the standard triathlon wetsuit and a swimrun wetsuit, which are important consider...

How Cold?

We're always being asked how cold the sea is!  In truth you do get to assess it pretty accurately the more you go in the sea, but there are a number of ways you can get a n accurate reading:

1) Use a sports watch

The more expensive sports watches have thermometers built in, eg. the Garmin Fenix 5...