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Open Water Swimming Coaching in Pembrokeshire, UK

Pembrokeshire is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and is blessed with hundreds of miles of rugged coastline. The Pembrokeshire National Park is a pristine and wild place for sea swimming, with towering cliffs and stacks as well as countless pristine beaches. Pembrokeshire is a sea swimming paradise and Swim Pembrokeshire offer well structured, safe, private or group open water coaching sessions to suit a variety of needs.

Our sea swimming coaches are ASA Level 1 Swim Coach and ASA Level 2 Open Water Coach qualified and have years of experience swimming in the seas around Pembrokeshire and overseas. In addition, they are experienced triathletes and endurance event swimmers and one is an ex-Welsh national swim champion. That's plenty of expertise and experience to help hone your sea swimming skills!

Map the open water swim and ensure all swimmers know where you are swimming
Visualising the open water swim route with a simple map in the sand prior to getting in the water helps swimmers understand the swim route

1-to-1 or Group Based Sea Swimming Coaching Sessions

If you are interested in 1-to-1 sessions or if you want to get some open water coaching with a couple of friends; or if you simply want to try sea swimming with experienced coaches, then we can arrange a private session with you.

Our sessions can be booked on an ad hoc basis; or you can take advantage of multi-session discounts, perfect for those who want help planning a structured training session with clear aims on a weekly or monthly basis throughout the year.

Open water swim coaching Pembrokeshire
Briefing a swimmer before entering the water to make sure they know the swim route

Structured Open Water Swimming Sessions

Training for an event? Why not take advantage of reduced rates and structured training programs to suit your specific needs?

We will tailor our sessions for your technical and event based needs, plus we offer optional session assessments and even even video files of your stroke and feedback on how to improve.

Experience the Thrill of Swimming in the Open Ocean

Why not book your place on a personalised one-to-one session, or a group session with friends, and start sea swimming off the Pembrokeshire coast?

Safe Sea Swimming Spots in Pembrokeshire UK

Check out our current swim routes here.

All locations have undergone a risk and safety assessment, which will be reviewed with you before entering the water.

Our list of sea swimming places in Pembrokeshire is growing all the time as we scope out new and challenging spots - please refer to our blog for updates or like our Facebook Page or Instagram Page to receive notifications of new open water swimming spots in Pembrokeshire UK as and when we add them.

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