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Health Benefits of Sea Swimming

I have lived with depression for many years and only now I have been able to talk about it, this is due to me taking up fitness. Sea Swimming is by far my biggest fear as I fear the deep water more than anything, and jelly fish, but the feeling I get after getting out gets me through some of my darkest days and since I have been swimming with you my fear is sliding away. I used to cry trying to get in to the water but made myself do it knowing how I feel when I get out. It was a real fight but now swimming with you I can go deep and stay in, I have cried but with joy, I am loving it, THANK YOU for making me feel safe in deep water, it's also giving me confidence in everyday things too.

Swim Pembrokeshire Sea Swimming Club Member

Swimming of any nature is well known to be extremely beneficial to one's health. For hundreds of years though, sea swimming in particular has been thought to improve a wide range of areas, not only the physical ones you might expect, but also those areas relating to mental health:

  • Cardio vascular fitness
  • Increased strength
  • Increased flexibility
  • Lowered heart rate
  • More relaxed state of mind
  • Fewer stress related illnesses
  • Fewer joint problems
  • Improved respiratory system
  • Improved immune system
  • Improved libido

Just Google 'health benefits of swimming in the sea' and you'll see thousands of articles detailing the many health and wellbeing benefits of sea swimming.

Some of these are listed below, please click on the articles to find out how sea swimming can be a fantastic, affordable and enjoyable way to improve your health and general wellbeing:

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