What Shoes Should I Use for Swimrunning

I get asked this a lot. There's no best answer, however a few tips and tricks might help you to make the best decision for your needs to help you start the amazing sport of swimrunning.

The review below is for three different types of shoe, having tried and tested all of them over the last couple of ...

Litter Cleaning When Swimming

Unfortunately, this year I have seen more plastic rubbish on the beaches in South Pembrokeshire than in previous years.

Worse, I have seen a fair bit in the ocean when swimming, which is really sad as the seas here are normally very clean.

The Importance of Conditioning

I'm a firm believer in the importance of 'conditioning' for any sort of endurance sport, which means conditioning the body and mind to be able to endure tough conditions for longer periods of time through extended exposure to stressful environmental conditions.

These conditions occur naturally and es...

Swimming with Jellies

It's that time of year again....

The jellyfish are back like clockwork, putting in an appearance from early May and growing steadily in numbers, and size.

Recently at Freshwater East, for example, we have noticed increased numbers of barrel jellyfish and now moon jellyfish have also started to make an...

Getting into Swimrunning

If you are thinking about trying swimrunning but want to avoid spending loads of money to give it a go, read on!

Sure, like most sports, it can be very expensive to get everything at once before you start swimrunning, but to just have a go you don't need much equipment. After all, swimrunning is jus...

Cold Diuresis

Ever wondered why you per a lot when you do open water swimming?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

It is reckoned to be due to something called 'cold diuresis' although the phenomenon is not fully understood.

It’s believed that, when your body temperature drops due to submersion in cold water...

Fixing Wetsuits - Part 2 - Major Rips and Tears

This post builds on our previous blog of how to repair small nicks and cuts in your wetsuit: how to repair major tears/rip in your beloved swim wetsuit.

There could be any number of reasons for your wetsuit ripping but it is normally because the wetsuit has been put under abnormal stress or is nearin...

OK, so it sounds a bit daft to write a blog on how to put on a wetsuit, but as a swim club we meet a lot of people who have actually never worn one before and proper swimming wetsuits are very fragile and as a result of an end up damaged very quickly if they're not put on in the correct way.

So after...

Swimrun Diary - Pull Buoys n Paddles

If you've watched any videos of the latest, fastest growing endurance sport in Europe - swimrunning - then the chances are you have seen all of the participants with swim buoys and hand paddles.

Hand Paddles

Can come in a variety of designs and materials. The one pictured below are webbed, neoprene gl...

Zone 3 Versa Swimrun Westuit Revew

Kit Review of Zone 3 Versa Swimrun Wetsuit

The Zone 3 Versa swimrun wetsuit is an entry-level swimrun wetsuit at a very affordable price of £169.

After a few weeks of swimrunning training, we are coming to the conclusion it is a brutal but awesome sport!

"Brutal" due to the distances and terrain and the constant switches between water and land. Just a 2 hour session leaves me feeling like I have gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson. Bu...

Swimrun is a new sport and thus much of the kit is still 'new' and rather limited in terms of choice on the market.

Swimrun events take place in wilderness areas with very little in the way of rules and regulations, so too is the kit pretty much up to you to manage and master, often by experimentati...

Swim run transitions are not like triathlon transitions as you swim and run in the same gear, then repeat that over and over again. Distances vary but are usually upwards of 40km+.

In swimrun you carry everything with you, like gels, water etc. Here we are experimenting with the transitions, usin...

Swim Run Diary 12-05-18

We've decided to take on a new endurance sport this year called swim running.

And we've jumped in at the deep end and have gone for one of the toughest events on the calendar, the Breca Gower, which is a beast of a course consisting of over 42km of trail running and sea swimming in one continuous rac...

Train Harder, Hurt Less

"Train harder, hurt less".

This simple but effective Royal Marines mantra is a great way to design your training program.

Here's a snippet of our Breca Gower training program, which we have designed to be harder than the event distances and are working through week by week.

The final dist...

Swim Log Book

Sea swimming is more than just recording your pace or number of strokes. It's also about being immersed in nature, in the ocean, and seeing all manner wildlife. Sure, most people use Strava now, but how do you capture the 'experience' of sea swimming?

We've drafted an 'Open Water Log Book' for all cl...

Open Water Coaching for All Levels

At last night's club session we had two very different levels of swimmer.

One was a seasoned IronMan athlete, who has competed in four IronMan Wales events and is doing his fifth one this year.

Andy's wife Nid was the other swimmer, having decided she wants to give sea swimming a go. Nid is a complet...


A 'thermocline' is the term used to describe an abrupt temperature gradient in a body of water such as a lake or sea, marked by a layer above and below which the water is at different temperatures.

Check out the temperature variations today from one side of Fresh East bay to the other. The average wa...

Kit Review - Lomo Swim Tow

We've been asked recently for our opinion on which is the best swim towel for open water and sea swimming in particular, so we thought we would give a review of a tried and tested swim tow from Lomo.

There are two basic models from Loma for the swim tow float, which are the singular bladder or the dr...

Swimming to Deserted Beaches

Swimming to a deserted beach on a coastal adventure swim provides opportunity for a rest and to see some cool scenery and wildlife.

Accessible only by jumping off boat and swimming to the beach, once you're on the beach it's time to soak it up and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere before moving on.