Covid-19 and Open Water Swimming

Andrew Wallace
03.06.20 06:22 PM Comment(s)

Status Update for Covid-19 and Open Water Swimming in Wales

The Covid-19 pandemic has played havoc with all kinds of businesses and the outdoor activity segment is no exception.

Swim England and various other bodies are recommending a 'common sense' approach with measures such as staying 2m apart, continuous hand cleaning and avoiding going too far out or certainly not going out in the sea beyond your comfort zone, not only to protect yourself but to protect those who may have to come and save you! More information can be found here.

Obviously we have not been doing any swimming excursions during to the lockdown but things are now a little more relaxed in Wales and it is now possible to meet others outside, one 'household' at a time.

With this in mind we are pleased to announce we are open for personalised bookings involving single person 1-1 bookings or pairs if you are from the same houeshold, eg. husband/wife. 

What's Been Happening During the Lockdown?

During the lockdown we have been working on various things in preparation for a quick resumption of swim tours and more, such as:

Swim Trekking
Swim Biking
Options to book fire pit/wood stove and other materials with swim bookings
And more...

We're champing at the bit and are ready to get started again. Thankfully by the nature of our personalised swim coaching/swim tours we will be able to avoid large groups very easily.

The booking section on the website is operational, if you want to make bookings for June/July onwards feel free to do so, we would be happy to to offer maximum flexibility if the booking needs to be moved at  a later date and all bookings received in 2020 will have limitless flexibility to change bookings.

In the meantime we hope you are OK and hope the images below offer a little insight of what's in store!

Happy swimming!

Book a Session Now

Book a session now and you can change it to any date in 2020 if you need to change it. 

You can also change as many times as you like within this year.

We hope to hear from you soon.

Andrew Wallace