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Sea Swimming in the Autumn
Autumn is a fantastic time to be in the sea, with cooler air temperatures and seas that are still warm, clear cold air and beautiful sunrises.
Five Reasons to Use Fins for Swim Training
Using a pair of fins in your swimming training has some real benefits for swim technique and overall fitness.
The Garmin Drill Function
Not sure how to use the Garmin watch Drill Mode? We've got you covered!
5 Tips for Cold Water Swimming
Getting started with cold water swimming? Here are 5 tips to help you take the plunge.
Scoping Out New Swim Locations
Treat the sea with the respect it deserves. Know your swim location before you get into the water.
Be Mindful of Your Dog When Swimrunning

Top Tip:

Don't go swimrunning with your dog, tether him to your waist belt, forget about the tether, then throw a stick for him when resting...


One obliterated tether clip. Dog didn't even notice!

Swim Training During Pandemic Lockdown

With the lockdown continuing many of us are going a bit stir crazy at not being able to get in the pool.

As a swimmer there's only so much running and cycling I can do; sea swimming is great, but often cannot provide the explosive training required for spiked heart rate and increased respiration. And...

Respect for the Sea - Tides

As soon as summer comes there are invariably tragic stories in the news of of people going missing or drownings in open water such as lakes, quarries or the ocean.

Whilst it is true that each type of open water does come with some inherent risks it is, in my opinion, better to educate rather than ban...

Cold Diuresis

Ever wondered why you per a lot when you do open water swimming?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

It is reckoned to be due to something called 'cold diuresis' although the phenomenon is not fully understood.

It’s believed that, when your body temperature drops due to submersion in cold water...

Fixing Wetsuits - Part 2 - Major Rips and Tears

This post builds on our previous blog of how to repair small nicks and cuts in your wetsuit: how to repair major tears/rip in your beloved swim wetsuit.

There could be any number of reasons for your wetsuit ripping but it is normally because the wetsuit has been put under abnormal stress or is nearin...

OK, so it sounds a bit daft to write a blog on how to put on a wetsuit, but as a swim club we meet a lot of people who have actually never worn one before and proper swimming wetsuits are very fragile and as a result of an end up damaged very quickly if they're not put on in the correct way.

So after...

Train Harder, Hurt Less

"Train harder, hurt less".

This simple but effective Royal Marines mantra is a great way to design your training program.

Here's a snippet of our Breca Gower training program, which we have designed to be harder than the event distances and are working through week by week.

The final dist...

Swim Log Book

Sea swimming is more than just recording your pace or number of strokes. It's also about being immersed in nature, in the ocean, and seeing all manner wildlife. Sure, most people use Strava now, but how do you capture the 'experience' of sea swimming?

We've drafted an 'Open Water Log Book' for all cl...


A 'thermocline' is the term used to describe an abrupt temperature gradient in a body of water such as a lake or sea, marked by a layer above and below which the water is at different temperatures.

Check out the temperature variations today from one side of Fresh East bay to the other. The average wa...

Tips for Cold Water Swimming

For many the thought of swimming in the ocean after the summer is enough to bring shivers down their spine, literally. However swimming in the autumn and winter can be extremely rewarding in many ways.

The varied sea conditions will build your confidence and being able to handle anything the sea thro...

Swimming style or triathlon wetsuits are designed as they are to be more flexible to allow maximum movement during the swimming motion.

The downside of this is that they are often not much more than 3mm thick and in some cases such as the high end wetsuits, 1.5mm, which means they are especially pron...

Sea swimming is always safer and often psychologically easier when you do it with one or more swimming buddies.

It's important to check your swim buddies when sea swimming though, as they are sometimes hard to see in strong sunlight or rough conditions and also may veer off on a different route to y...

Swim tows are useful in many ways, not just to increase visibility, they can be used to conserve energy too...

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When the sun is in your eyes and you cannot see features on the land itself as they are silhouetted by the sun, it's often hard to sight on anything noticeable when open water swimming.

In this case, you can use the horizon itself, a feature on the horizon, even a small dip or rise, something that is...

Where to Stash the Car Keys?

This may sound like a daft topic for a blog but in fact is a common question - where to leave your car keys when you go sea swimming?

If you have the old style key as opposed to the electronic variety and rather than leaving them on the tire or behind the wheel I used to wear a nylon belt under my w...