Train Harder, Hurt Less

Andrew Wallace
14.05.18 08:00 AM Comment(s)

"Train harder, hurt less".

This simple but effective Royal Marines mantra is a great way to design your training program.

Here's a snippet of our Breca Gower training program, which we have designed to be harder than the event distances and are working through week by week.

The final distance is 47km in training, compared to 42km for the event.

Swim running in Pembrokershire
Know what you;re training for, then train harder.

We're lucky living in Pembrokeshire, it's perfect for swim-running and we've discovered some great routes for people who are interested in trying this new and rapidly growing extreme sport.

Hopefully as a result we will not be in as much pain in the real event, but it's coming, that's for sure!

Interested in Swim Running?