Fixing Wetsuits - Part 2 - Major Rips and Tears

Andrew Wallace
11.08.18 02:43 PM Comment(s)

This post builds on our previous blog of how to repair small nicks and cuts in your wetsuit: how to repair major tears/rip in your beloved swim wetsuit.

There could be any number of reasons for your wetsuit ripping but it is normally because the wetsuit has been put under abnormal stress or is nearing it's end of life and the neoprone, stitching or nylon backing is degrading and this plus abnormal stress causes the suit to rip.

Repairing damaged wetsuits
A rip can happen on or off the seam

A rip or tear will either occur either along the seam or on a random part of the neoprene (more difficult to fix).

Repairing damaged swimming wetsuits
A ripped wetsuit seam

The best way to fix such damage is to first  patch the rear of the rip with a strong piece of neoprene.


Never throw away old cuts of wetsuit! They come in really handy for this purpose.

In this example we used cut offs from old suits and cut strips to match the length of the rip. If  the rip is long, fix it in 2 or 3 sections.

Put a film of Black Witch onto both the patch and the wetsuit. Wait for each surface to dry to the touch, normally 2-3 minutes.


Put some paper under the outer side of the wetsuit to stop the Black Witch from sticking through the rip.

When you have patched one section, move onto the next.

How to fix a wetsuit rip
A final nylon patch will add more strength

When you have done the sections, add a small nylon patch at the join, for extra strength.

When that's done and dried, turn the suit the right way and attend to the rip seam. Gently place a film of Black Witch along the rip edges. Use your finger or an applicator to reach right in and make sure all the surface is covered.

Gently press the rip together, making sure not to stick your fingers to the rip seam.

Allow a minute to stick and dry, and your rip is no more!

How to fix wetsuits
Despite a major rip this wetsuit lives to fight another day!
How to repair a torn wetsuit
This rip was mid leg but was repaired and the suit is still in use

Gently touch off any excess Black Witch from around the rip seam and the rip becomes hardly noticeable.

Black Witch is very good and provides a strong bond on any neoprene and nylon surface.

Good luck and get fixing!