Swim Log Book

Andrew Wallace
11.05.18 08:41 AM Comment(s)

Sea swimming is more than just recording your pace or number of strokes. It's also about being immersed in nature, in the ocean, and seeing all manner wildlife. Sure, most people use Strava now, but how do you capture the 'experience' of sea swimming?

We've drafted an 'Open Water Log Book' for all club members to use as a way of recording their open water swimming.

The log book contains the basic swim details such as observations on the weather, sea conditions and so on; as well as a record of stroke technique and coach feedback; plus any wildlife or points of interest seen on the swim.

It's available for download from the website so you can print yourself, or we will give you a some at the club nights. For those of you who dive, it's a bit like a dive logbook and is a great way to log areas for improvement and track progress

Download your logbook here.

Record your open water swimming experience using the Swim Pembrokeshire sea swimming log book
A basic log book is a great way of recording your open water swimming experiences