Neptune Steps

Andrew Wallace
19.02.20 06:22 AM Comment(s)

Swim Pembrokeshire will be at the Neptune Steps event in Scotland in March!

Red Bull Neptune Steps 2020

The event consists of over 400m swimming in a canal in Scotland in March with water temps of average 4-7 degrees, traversing 7 locks made into obstacles of cargo nets, ladders, climbs and ropes.

Training for the Neptune Steps

As with any extreme event the secret is to make the training as realistic as possible. In this case we are using nature rather than the gym and making use of all manner of winter storm driftwood to do circuit training on the beach in between sprint sets out into the sea. We're also training through the winter to build up resilience to the cold.

Training for the Neptune Steps using logs and winter swimming
Training for the Neptune Steps
Lifting logs as part of Swim Pembrokeshire Neptune Steps training 2020
Cold water exposure as part of Netune Steps training 2020
Beach running as part of Neptune Steps 2020 training

The training makes use of natures own materials: logs and tree stumps washed up in storms, sand dunes and beach runs and of course the cold sea for building up resilience.

We hope it pays off in March! More to come, watch this space...

Andrew Wallace