Swimming and Trekking

Andrew Wallace
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Swimming combined with trekking was recently shown as a new activity on the BBC Breakfast programme. Basically a mix of hiking and swimming, where participants travel through a mix of hiking and swimming from point A to point B, carrying their gear on their backs when hiking and in a specially designed tow float when swimming, towing their gear behind them.

Our swim trekking routes can be tailored to your needs/available time and fitness levels and will take you along the wild and rugged Pembrokeshire coast along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, then across bays and inlets stopping here and there for a camp fire and hot cup of tea.

Swim trekking using the ruckraft along the Pembrokeshire coast path

What Kit Is Needed?

As with any normal trek we'll be carrying a small rucksack with all of the essentials: warm clothes, food and drink, as well as a small stove/fuel and snacks.

How We'll Carry the Kit

We'll be using a special float or RuckRaft to carry our backpack containing our gear.

The swimtrek float

The backpack goes in a special robust waterproof bag and clips into the ruckraft.

backpacking and open water swimming, this is swim trekking

How Far Are the Swims?

The swims will range from a few hundred metres to 1 or 1.5km. The ruckraft wil be used to tow the equipment and its robust design means everything is kept dry.

Continuing the Trek

Once we complete the swim the trek is continued on the other side and the ruckraft can be carried on your backpack to save deflating and inflating every time.

A ruckraft packed and ready for the swim leg
Gear stowed away in the ruckraft, ready for the swim
Carying your gear on Swim Pembrokeshire swim treks

The Swimming and Trekking Season

We will be running the swims and treks from spring through till the end of the year.

Contact Us

This is a fantastic way to see all the amazing coastline of Pembrokeshire has to offer.

If this sounds interesting please get in touch here.

Andrew Wallace