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Be Mindful of Your Dog When Swimrunning

Top Tip:

Don't go swimrunning with your dog, tether him to your waist belt, forget about the tether, then throw a stick for him when resting...


One obliterated tether clip. Dog didn't even notice!

Now and Then- Swimrun Evolution
Swimrunning has a bewildering amount of kit, but it's about experimenting what's right for you.
Kit Review: Vibram 5 Fingers V-Alpha Shoes
Vibram five finger trail running shoes make great swimrunning shoes
Swimrunning with Your Dog

I have been swimrunning all year, in all weathers. When the weather is nice it's usually pretty easy to find a swimrun partner, but once the winter sets in it can be a struggle to find anyone mad enough. That is, until I doscovered my dog, a Springer Spaniel named 'Jake', absolutely LOVES swimrunnin...

Gear Review - Head Swimrun Wetsuit

I didn't even know that Head - you know, the guys who make all the tennis gear - made wetsuits to until I started getting more and more interested in swimrunning and followed the European swimrunning groups - Head are prime sponsors in many of the events and make a range of swimrunning gear. I decid...

What Shoes Should I Use for Swimrunning

I get asked this a lot. There's no best answer, however a few tips and tricks might help you to make the best decision for your needs to help you start the amazing sport of swimrunning.

The review below is for several different types of shoe, having tried and tested all of them over the last couple o...

Swimrun Diary - Pull Buoys n Paddles

If you've watched any videos of the latest, fastest growing endurance sport in Europe - swimrunning - then the chances are you have seen all of the participants with swim buoys and hand paddles.

Hand Paddles

Can come in a variety of designs and materials. The one pictured below are webbed, neoprene gl...

Zone 3 Versa Swimrun Westuit Revew

Kit Review of Zone 3 Versa Swimrun Wetsuit

The Zone 3 Versa swimrun wetsuit is an entry-level swimrun wetsuit at a very affordable price of £169.

After a few weeks of swimrunning training, we are coming to the conclusion it is a brutal but awesome sport!

"Brutal" due to the distances and terrain and the constant switches between water and land. Just a 2 hour session leaves me feeling like I have gone a few rounds with Mike Tyson. Bu...

Swimrun is a new sport and thus much of the kit is still 'new' and rather limited in terms of choice on the market.

Swimrun events take place in wilderness areas with very little in the way of rules and regulations, so too is the kit pretty much up to you to manage and master, often by experimentati...

Swim run transitions are not like triathlon transitions as you swim and run in the same gear, then repeat that over and over again. Distances vary but are usually upwards of 40km+.

In swimrun you carry everything with you, like gels, water etc. Here we are experimenting with the transitions, usin...

Swim Run Diary 12-05-18

We've decided to take on a new endurance sport this year called swim running.

And we've jumped in at the deep end and have gone for one of the toughest events on the calendar, the Breca Gower, which is a beast of a course consisting of over 42km of trail running and sea swimming in one continuous rac...

Train Harder, Hurt Less

"Train harder, hurt less".

This simple but effective Royal Marines mantra is a great way to design your training program.

Here's a snippet of our Breca Gower training program, which we have designed to be harder than the event distances and are working through week by week.

The final dist...