Swim Run Diary 12-05-18

Andrew Wallace
15.05.18 04:00 PM Comment(s)

We've decided to take on a new endurance sport this year called swim running.

And we've jumped in at the deep end and have gone for one of the toughest events on the calendar, the Breca Gower, which is a beast of a course consisting of over 42km of trail running and sea swimming in one continuous race.

Trails are technical and difficult and consist of steep uphill scrambles, long sweeping clifftop runs and rocky descents into the ocean.

The swims are a mix of beach, bay and headland swims and being in the Gower they are also very technical with a high probability of swell.

Swimrunning in Pembrokeshire
Swimrunning is off trail, hard and technical, with lots of scrambling and ascents

We would like to start a swim run group here in Pembrokeshire for anyone who is interested and thought that a diary with a mix of information video and images would be a good source of information for anyone who is interested in trying this awesome and fast growing endurance sport.

For example we will cover things like:

  • Kit required
  • Tips and tricks regarding all of the different kit
  • Training ideas
  • Swim run routes around Pembrokeshire
  • Injuries and how to handle them
  • Anything else we think is interesting!

Feel free to contact us if you're interested in joining this group.

Trail running is all part of swimrun
It's a good idea to train on hard, steep ascents


  • Transitions from land to sea.
  • Pull buoys - to use or not to use?
  • What trainers?