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What Wetsuit Should I Get for Swimrunning

Quite a few people have been asking me recently about swimrun wetsuits and which one would be best.

Swim running is a new sport and the kit is evolving year-by-year but there are definitely some key differences between the standard triathlon wetsuit and a swimrun wetsuit, which are important consider...

Fixing Wetsuits - Part 2 - Major Rips and Tears

This post builds on our previous blog of how to repair small nicks and cuts in your wetsuit: how to repair major tears/rip in your beloved swim wetsuit.

There could be any number of reasons for your wetsuit ripping but it is normally because the wetsuit has been put under abnormal stress or is nearin...

OK, so it sounds a bit daft to write a blog on how to put on a wetsuit, but as a swim club we meet a lot of people who have actually never worn one before and proper swimming wetsuits are very fragile and as a result of an end up damaged very quickly if they're not put on in the correct way.

So after...

Zone 3 Versa Swimrun Westuit Revew

Kit Review of Zone 3 Versa Swimrun Wetsuit

The Zone 3 Versa swimrun wetsuit is an entry-level swimrun wetsuit at a very affordable price of £169.

Swimming style or triathlon wetsuits are designed as they are to be more flexible to allow maximum movement during the swimming motion.

The downside of this is that they are often not much more than 3mm thick and in some cases such as the high end wetsuits, 1.5mm, which means they are especially pron...