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DryRobe Alternatives for Open Water Swimming

Keeping warm is obviously one of the most critical parts of outdoor swimming and this includes out of the water just as much as in.

Take one look at any group of outdoor swimmers and you will instantly notice they pretty much all wear the same thing on land... a DryRobe or DryRobe style coat.

The DryR...

Kit Review: Vibram 5 Fingers V-Alpha Shoes
Vibram five finger trail running shoes make great swimrunning shoes
What Wetsuit Should I Get for Swimrunning

Quite a few people have been asking me recently about swimrun wetsuits and which one would be best.

Swim running is a new sport and the kit is evolving year-by-year but there are definitely some key differences between the standard triathlon wetsuit and a swimrun wetsuit, which are important consider...

Sea swimming is a very cost effective way to get fit and enjoy the outdoors and you do not need all of the expensive kit as you might do in other watersports such as SCUBA diving or boating.

All you really need are the essentials:

Sea Swimming Westuit

Of course, if you are a hardcore swimmer you may n...