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Be Mindful of Your Dog When Swimrunning

Top Tip:

Don't go swimrunning with your dog, tether him to your waist belt, forget about the tether, then throw a stick for him when resting...


One obliterated tether clip. Dog didn't even notice!

Now and Then- Swimrun Evolution
Swimrunning has a bewildering amount of kit, but it's about experimenting what's right for you.
Kit Review: Vibram 5 Fingers V-Alpha Shoes
Vibram five finger trail running shoes make great swimrunning shoes
Swimming and Trekking
Swim trekking or swimrunning over long distances means you need to carry kit. Here's how.
What Wetsuit Should I Get for Swimrunning

Quite a few people have been asking me recently about swimrun wetsuits and which one would be best.

Swim running is a new sport and the kit is evolving year-by-year but there are definitely some key differences between the standard triathlon wetsuit and a swimrun wetsuit, which are important consider...

Swimrun is a new sport and thus much of the kit is still 'new' and rather limited in terms of choice on the market.

Swimrun events take place in wilderness areas with very little in the way of rules and regulations, so too is the kit pretty much up to you to manage and master, often by experimentati...