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Andrew Wallace
09.05.18 01:17 PM Comment(s)

At last night's club session we had two very different levels of swimmer.

One was a seasoned IronMan athlete, who has competed in four IronMan Wales events and is doing his fifth one this year.

Andy's wife Nid was the other swimmer, having decided she wants to give sea swimming a go. Nid is a complete novice who has only previously ever been in the sea in Thailand!

After a swim across the bay we pinpointed a few areas of Mark's stroke to help increase speed by reducing water resistance, specifically in the arm entry, where we noticed he was over reaching and thus adding drag; and also in the breathing phase by reducing head movement.

Open water swim coaching in Pembrokeshire, UK
Demonstrating key elements of the stroke
Sea swim coaching in Pembrokeshire UK
Preparing for a demo in the water! You can't beat this for a location.

We started Nid off by reviewing the kit and explaining how it works and how to wear it correctly. You would be surprised at the number of people who get poorly fitting wetsuits or put them on incorrectly resulting in fatigue and water resistance. Knowing your kit is all part of 'open water swimming'.

Then we moved onto basic aquatic skills such as streamlining the body position from fingertips to toes, practising the all-important glide.

Considering the average temperature of the seas around her native country of Thailand never drop below 27 degrees she did very well! 

Open water swim coaching for beginners, UK
Open water swim coaching in the UK for all levels of swimmer
Body positioning is critical to core aquatic skills and is often overlooked

Body positioning is so critical to core aquatic skills and is often overlooked in favour of 'fitness' training, which, if the aquatic skills are lacking, will not be efficient in improving your stroke or swim time in an event.

Swim Pembrokeshire are experienced open water swim coaches
Into the water we go - dry land training is important, but in the end you have to get wet!
Open water swim coaching for novices
Well done on your first open water session!

Open Water Swim Coaching

Want to try sea swimming but are nervous or worried about your swimming ability?

Don't be. 

Want to improve your swim times but are frustrated they're not improving even after loads of training?

Get back to basics. 

The chances are your aquatic skills need some work, or your stroke needs to be stripped back and rebuilt.

We offer open water coaching for all levels of swimmer, from complete novices to triathletes and IronMan competitors.

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