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Sea Swimming as an Additional Activity to your Weight Loss Regime

Sea swimming by its very nature involves strenuous calorie burning activity.

Just one hour of swimming will burn off anywhere between 400-800 calories depending on the level of exersion, much more compared to an hour of weights or cardio, for example.

Additional weight loss occurs when you put your body into cold water, as it has to maintain your core temperature. We're not advocating skinny dipping in the seas around Wales during the Winter months but the process of being in a colder environment triggers an auto response that forces the body to maintain the core body temperature, using energy to do so. When you feel cold you can be sure you are burning extra calories/fat.

In addition entering cold water results in an endorphin rush, which gives you a natural high that can be seriously addictive! This is why many sea swimmers report being on a high right after their swim and that high being maintained through the day, often to the point when they look forward in anticipation to the next swim.

It’s fantastic for circulation too - due to the fact you're submerged in cold water, the heart needs to work overtime to keep the blood pumping to your extremeties to maintain organ temperature. This uses energy/calories.

Of course, we use wetsuits, most of the time, and would recommend you do too, but even with a wetsuit year round sea swimming will certainly still present a challenge that the body will work hard to overcome in order to maintain core body temperature, with all of the weight loss benefits that this brings.

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