Live on the Edge - Swim at Night

Andrew Wallace
14.11.17 04:17 PM Comment(s)

Live on the edge - go sea swimming at night!

night sea swimming in Pembrokeshire
Brave souls going for a night swim at Freshwater East, Noverber 2017

This video is from our night swim event on 11th November, about 200m offshore.

After a safety briefing each swimmer was issued with a bright glow stick and rubber band to secure it to their goggle straps.

A beach side fire pit contained a roaring fire and event helpers had bright torches and more glow sticks to act as a point of reference on the beach.

Sea swimming at night with Swim Pembrokeshire open water swimming
Keeping warm before and after the night swim

The buoy was anchored about 200m offshore, covered in glow sticks for visibility. The route was triangular, going parallel to the beach, with a sharp turn out to sea, around the buoy and to the shore, and finally parallel to the beach.

Many swimmers opted for a second lap, hard core! Total distance around 1.5km.

The event was great fun and enjoyed by all, with good food and beer afterwards.

Well done to everyone who attended.

More night swims are planned for next season - watch this space!

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