Go Sea Swimming in Pembrokeshire - Superb Visibility in June and July

Andrew Wallace
03.07.17 02:52 PM Comment(s)

If you have not been out in the sea yet in Pembrokeshire, you don't know what you are missing!

We've been down to the beaches around Pembrokeshire pretty much every day over the last few weeks and the water has been fantastic!

Sea swimming in pristine waters of Pembrokeshire
Something to rival the Med! Open water swimming in the pristine waters of Pembrokeshire

The water visibility lately has been exceptional, making for somegreat swims at Freshwater East and also Broadhaven South, both across the bay and around Church Rock. 

Perfect open water swimming in Pembrokeshire
Broadhaven South: a very popular sea swimming location in Pembrokeshire

There's nothing like swimming in 20 feet of open water with the sun rays bouncing around in the water and being able to see right to the bottom. It's really amazing.

The coast line is where the wildlife activity is at though, and within the space of 10 minutes we'd seen several species of fish, a razorbill, various gulls, a couple of fat crabs and the ever present moon jellyfish.

Open water swimming Pembrokeshire
Beautiful Broadhaven South

If you're interested in one-to-one coaching or simply want to sea swim in some of the best locations in the UK, feel free to contact us here.