Beach Clean at Bullslaughter Bay

Andrew Wallace
19.12.17 10:05 AM Comment(s)

After doing a coast path run on the weekend we were saddened to see a lot of plastic washed up on Bullslaughter Bay after the recent storms.

Plastic pollution is a major concern in marin ecology
A sad sight to sea - plastic debris at Bullslaughter Bay, Pembrokeshire

The volume of rubbish was heart breaking. Bottles, toothbrushes, crates, netting, guttering, shoes... We could see some was from other countries, some had likely been in the sea for years. The storms dredge it all up and it all ends up on a beach, or gets broken down to micro plastics and eaten by fish, birds and marine mammals.

Platic pollution in Pembrokeshire
Plastic will last for decades before being broken down into even more harmful 'micro plastics', which are then eaten by marine wildlife

It's not only this location of course. However the more remote bays often get overlooked on the beach clean-ups. We could see some people had tried to clean it up, thank you, but due to logistics and no available transport to get the rubbish out, had to leave it on the path, where it had inevitably been blown around.

Beach clean ups Pembrokeshire
Platic pollution is a major problem for the ocean ecology

We are planning to organise a beach clean for Bullslaughter Bay early in the new year via a formal event where you can register interest. We will provide hot tea and sandwiches as it'll take some time. But to make it work we will need 4x4 / tractor transport, a trailer and access to the coast path / gates on the Castlemartin Range.

Plastic pollution in UK waters
Plastic gets everywhere, even 30 feet up a cliff

If anyone has National Trust/MOD contacts, and/or knows the farmers in the Castlemartin area, please contact us so we can start planning.

Thanks in advance.